GRIMDEEPER number one priority on every project is safety. The GRIMDEEPER staff considers safety for the crew and others around the GRIMDEEPER vessel before anything else. The GRIMDEEPER Captain is held accountable for eliminating hazards on the vessel, and will speak up if anything is noticed that appears unsafe on a project. The GRIMDEEPER staff has participated in various safety programs and have maintained those principles throughout each project. One of the guiding principles for a safe project is proper planning and hazard identification. For each project the GRIMDEEPER staff begins with a safety planning exercise. These include a Work Element Plan (WEP), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and the USACE Vessel Safety Checklist. The GRIMDEEPER staff is dedicated to maintain an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) ethnicity that protects the safety and security of all persons involved in the project. GRIMDEEPER is proud to say that there has never been a safety incident during any of our projects.