About Us

GRIMDEEPER was founded in 1999 to provide unique professional charter fishing services. These services were offered out of Sunset Marina in Ocean City, Maryland to catch a variety of pelagic species from the Atlantic Ocean. After many years and great memories, GRIMDEEPER re-located to Stuart, Florida. In 2011, Capt. Robert was introduced to environmental monitoring services in the dredging industry, specifically turbidity and dissolved oxygen monitoring. Proposals were developed, distributed, and it was not very long before GRIMDEEPER contracted with a large dredging contractor to perform third-party beach re-nourishment turbidity monitoring services. The dredging contractor and USACE immediately noticed the difference between GRIMDEEPER and other turbidity monitoring contractors. GRIMDEEPER was now assured that all the foundational research, educational studies, and hard work made GRIMDEEPER unsurpassed by its mission to provide their customers a high-quality unique product. Now, after years of experience GRIMDEEPER stands alone working with national and international dredging contractors to provide the most complete and successful product available anywhere in this marketplace.