Shore Protection Project – Midtown Segment
Beach Nourishment Project

Date: Date: March 16, 2020 – May 1, 2020

GrimDeeper was contracted to perform third-party turbidity monitoring on this Shore Protection Project – Mid-Town Segment Beach Nourishment Project in Palm Beach County, Florida. USACE is the contracting officer, with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) providing environmental oversight. Weeks Marine, Inc (“WMI”) is the prime dredging contractor.

This project involved the hydraulic dredging, using the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge(s) (‘TSHD’) “MAGDALEN”, “R.N. WEEKS” and “B.E. LINDHOLM”, of approximately 251,000 cubic yards of material from the borrow area (approximately 1.5 miles north of Lake Worth inlet) to re-nourish approximately 1.1 miles of beach on the northern side of The Breakers Hotel Resort and approximately 503,000 cubic yards of material from the borrow area to re-nourish approximately 1.8 miles of beach on the southern side of The Breakers Hotel Resort.

Two (2) sublines were utilized and all three (3) TSHDs were operational during some of the project duration. During the time 3 TSHDs were operational, GrimDeeper utilized 2 turbidity monitoring vessels and multiple personnel to successfully accomplish the turbidity monitoring field work and all the required reporting.

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