Canaveral Harbor Sand Bypass Project – Phase V

Date: November 9, 2018 – April 30, 2019

GrimDeeper was contracted to perform third-party turbidity monitoring on this Canaveral Harbor Sand Bypass (Phase V) beach nourishment dredging project. USACE is the contracting officer, with additional funding provided by the Canaveral Port Authority (CPA – project sponsor) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The U.S. Air Force’s 45th Space Wing and Brevard County are providing logistical support. Norfolk Dredging Company is the prime dredging contractor.

Phase I of this project involved the mechanical dredging, using the clamshell dredger “Atlantic”, of approximately 12,000 cubic yards of material from the Port Canaveral entrance channel for a temporary pipeline to transport the material in Phase II. The excavated material from the pipeline trench was placed in a scow and placed offshore at the Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS). Some material was side-casted.

After the trench was completed and surveyed, the 24-inch pipeline was placed across the channel just below the authorized depth of the inlet to not impact or interfere with vessels entering or exiting the Port. Phase I of this project was completed on November 23, 2018. Turbidity monitoring included sampling at the dredge location, three times daily (12-hour schedule).

Phase II started on 12/6/2018, after approximately 2.3 miles of submerged and floating pipeline was added to transport the dredged material from the dredge location on the North side of jetty (Sand Bypass Dredged Area – SBDA) to the beach placement area on the South side of the jetty. Over the period of the next five (5) months, approximately 1.3 million cubic yards of sand will be pumped from the cutter suction dredge “Charleston” to approximately 3.5 miles of shoreline South of the jetty. The beach nourishment will progress southward along the shoreline by about 100-150 feet each day. Turbidity monitoring includes sampling at the dredge and the beach nourishment site locations, three times daily (12-hour schedule).

The CPA has created a website to provide the latest updates on the Canaveral Harbor Sand Bypass Project. The link to this website is: Canaveral Port Authority Project Status Website.

Please check back for regular updates.

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